Many women expel fluid from their vaginas as a result of G-spot stimulation. This is commonly referred to as "female ejaculation," and is perfectly normal, despite the fear many women harbor that female ejaculate is urine, which it is not. Female ejaculate comes out of the Skene's glands and is similar to the prostatic fluid in men. The amount expelled during female ejaculation is usually no more than a teaspoon or two.

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1. Curved fingers or toys with a bend near the tip are the best shape to stimulate the G-Spot (curve two fingers and insert them into your vagina, moving them in a "come hither" way).
2. Apply firm direct pressure using your toy or fingers.
3. Squeeze your PC muscles and breathe deeply during thrusting.
4. Empty your bladder before sex, so you’re not worried that the female ejaculate is actually pee.
5. Add clitoral stimulation if you like the extra push into orgasm.
6. Objects in the vagina may inhibit female ejaculation. Withdraw the penis, dildo or fingers quickly as you are about to come.

Getting a little toey

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No reply from Kream yet regarding my little squirting proposition I know it has only been a day or so but I am very impatient at the moment. And very toey….. I hate it when Jordan is this busy with her job. Especially when a fair bit of my day involves some kind of adult orientated work where i am surrounded by images and videos which then leads to daydreams of naked girls, squirting and spraying all over the place. One girl that has been stuck in my mind – other than Jordan of course – is the latest addition on a gorgeous brunette named Delilah. She is a real looker and is quite capable of gushing her wet joy juice all over a hard cock. I can’t help but look at these pictures and imagine that it’s Jordan squirting in them and not Delilah. But that still doesn’t quite fill that empty feeling the house has while Jordan isn’t here. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m sure I remember her saying something about getting home early tonight. Man I hope so. And I hope she isn’t to tired. If she is I may just have to go down to the local sex shop and bye myself a blow up doll

Everyone needs a Kream :)

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Jordan has been flat out with work so unfortuantly there hasn’t been much action for me in the bedroom, but the time alone has given me a chance to check out and let me tell you I have REALLY checked it out! I think I have watched every movie and looked at every picture on this site. There is this hot squirting babe named Kream who teaches all these gorgeous teens and babes how to squirt step by step. Some of the girls from my favourite teen sites get taught how to squirt by Kream. Hot teens like Melissa Doll and Christine Young. I still can’t believe how she made these tiny little hotties squirt the way they did. She even gets these girls to make her squirt. I swear this Kream chick is the Goddess of The Squirt. There wouldn’t be a chick around that she couldn’t make cum. That’s why I decided to write to her and see if maybe Jordan could get a private lesson πŸ˜‰ Jordan doesn’t know about this yet but I’m sure she won’t mind. She saw the site the first day that I found it and loved the girls on it as well. I don’t even know why I am trying to set up this private lesson with Kream. After looking at the site for hours I’m convinced that I have learnt enough to make my next attempt with Jordan a success. It would just be so hot to know my babe was getting it on and squirting with Kream πŸ˜‰

Another large step for mankind :)

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I came home from work last night to find Jordan in the bath with our good old friend the vibrating water bunny and another brand new friend called the Nubby G. This thing is apparently the genius of all sex toys. Jordan asked if I’d like to join the party and obviously I had my clothes off and was in the bath faster than the speed of light. The only condition was that i wouldnt be getting myself into any positions where I might fall and get knocked out again :) Jordan handed me the Nubby G and told me to get to work. I guess poor old Mr Bunny was still being punished for the problems that he had caused last time as Jordan had him working on her rear end. Jordan had already been experimenting with Nubby G before I entered the room so she was more than ready to have that curved piece of plastic inserted back inside her. I started working this thing around until it clearly hit a spot that Jordan was loving. She was grabbing hold of me tightly with the hand that wasn’t currently working the rabbit and started squeezing my shoulder really hard. The noises coming out of her mouth were amazing. They kept building up and building up until finally she let out a huge scream and nearly broke my shoulder with the strength of her squeezing hand. I took my queue to remove the Nubby G as it was my belief that anything in the way had to be removed before the squirt could take place. Jordans face was red and flushed and she looked like she was about to explode. A huge breath came out her mouth and then slowly a look of disapointment crossed her face. “It felt like I was going to pee so I just couldn’t do it.”, she said. “I know that’s how it’s supposed to feel but I just couldn’t let it go.” We hugged and then had a bit of a laugh about how serious we were taking the whole thing. Why be so sad when we were getting so close? This was just another step up the good old squirting ladder πŸ˜‰

News gets around

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My mate Beau called me today. Apparently news has been spreading amongst my friends about this site. Beaus ex-girlfriend Sarah called him up last night to let him know that first guy she slept with after they had broken up made her squirt on the first night! She went into great detail of how it just happened during intercourse and how they were both spun out and shocked. Man chicks are harsh. As if Beau really wants to be hearing that kind of stuff. Not that he really cares to much about the whole episode but it seems a bit rough that some new guy can just come along and be such a fuck machine that he can accidentally make a girl squirt. I guess it must hurt your pride a bit. At least if I never succeed with Jordan and she moves on some day and some other guy makes her squirt I know that I did the best I could. Lets hope that it never comes to that though. I’m pretty sure with some patience there will be some squirting soon.

No more public libraries for me..

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squirt-jackie-danielsSorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I gave up on trying to update the site while i was away on business after i was caught trying to post a squirting gallery at the local library by a very unhappy librarian. She tapped me on the shoulder when I was half way through my latest post and said with a very pissed of look on her face “you had better leave right away sir”. Not only did I have to leave at once but I have been banned from entering the library ever again Which is a shame as it is the only place you can get online in the whole stinking town but if all goes well I won’t have to go back to that cold, porn-free hell hole again anyway. I just don’t understand it though. I was really careful to make sure there were only adults in the library before I started doing my work and most of them were to busy reading books to have noticed what I was doing anyway. Maybe I should have offered the librarian some advice on squirting? I’m sure she was just jealous of the fact that there are some woman around that can squirt for miles and she is not one of them. Oh well, now that I am home again, it’s time to get Jordan to squirt Let the fun begin

Thank You :)

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squirt-hunter-bryceThanks to all of the visitors that have been leaving us some great messages. I am freezing where I am at the moment, so without Jordan to snuggle up to all I have are these messages from you guys and these amazing squirting pics.
Jordan has been very busy with her job the last few days, so much to my relief, she hasnt been using the bunny in my absence. And as far as my research goes, I found out during a party on the weekend that some squirters can’t squirt during intercourse. One of my buddy’s ex’s could only squirt while he was going down on her (well at least that’s what she claimed). Could be she simply enjoyed squirting all over his face but who really knows. I guess it makes sense in some ways as a lot of what i have read says that objects inside the pussy can inhibit ejaculation. Some chicks just prefer being pleasured with a tongue rather than a cock. Maybe a 69er is the key to some good mutual squirting action πŸ˜‰

squirt-mason-mooreJordan has been calling me every few hours since I have been away. She says she misses me a great deal, but then added in a cheaky voice that she has the bath and the rabbit to keep her company :S I guess I am a bit jealous which is really stupid over a vibrating rabbit, but it’s more because there is the possibility she may squirt without me being there. Because we decided to do this squirting thing together it would really hurt to miss out on seeing the grand finale. Which made me start thinking that it might be time for Mr. Rabbit to go on a very long vacation when I return home πŸ˜‰

The things you find out…

Posted 06/09/16 in Tessa Taylor,Tied | 0 Comments | Write Comment

Squirt-Tessa-TaylorThings have been going pretty fast the past few days so I haven’t had a chance to get online until now. I’m about to head off to a party but had to get this funny story down before I forgot it. So last night I met up with some friends and we went for drinks at one of our old pubs. I decided to ask my mate Dan what his thoughts were on squirting while his girlfriend was at the bar. He just shrugged and said he didnt really know much about it. I had guessed as much and then wondered why I had even brought it up in the first place. I didn’t think about again until a bit later when him and his girlfriend kept breaking into fits of laughter in the middle of conversations. Eventually after quite a few more drinks they told me that it was quite funny that I had even asked about squirting because apparently the first time either of them had ever experienced it themselves was while they were ‘gettin it on’ out in the carpark of the very pub we were sitting inside!!!! Dans girlfriend had squirted all over the carpark and all over Dan and neither of them had really understood what had happened. I still can’t believe they told me all of this but I guess that’s what happens when you bring up topics like this over a few drinks. Any way I have to head off so enjoy your weekend πŸ˜‰

Bad Toy Karma

squirt-assWell ive got a nice old lump on the back of my head and a bit of a headache and I wonder if this is punishment for not giving the rabbit a fair go yesterday. Like some kind of sick vibrator karma. I retrieved the toy from the bathroom this moring and put it away in its box until at least after this lump has gone. At the moment I’m not 100% sure what our next attempt at getting Jordan to squirt will involve. After looking at these pictures of Kimmie squirting her love juice I think I might have to get a few more tips about doing it the natural way. I’m going away for a few days tonight for a birthday and some other work so maybe I might just have to do some asking around and see what I can come up with.

Fun In The Tub

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Last night after dinner Jordan and I rushed off to the bathroom with the water bunny. Now people had always had me a little paranoid with stories about girlfriends owning sex toys and them choosing the toy over the real thing and all of that type of stuff. So I admit I was slightly worried about the outcome this Superman of vibrators might have. But I jumped in the bath with Jordan and the rubber rabbit anyway. Our bath is extra large so there is plenty of room for me to be straddled by my lovely lady, which she was kind enough to do on this occasion. We were kissing and she was rubbing her lower body back and forth along my thighs when she reached over to the bunny and then handed it to me. “Make me squirt” she whispered in my ear. I smiled confidently and switched the bunny on to a nice vibrating speed. She sat up on the edge of the bath in front of me with her legs over my shoulders while i worked that toy like I was some kind of vibrator technician. She was moaning and writhering in ways similar to the climaxes she has while we are having sex, when she suddenly grabbed the bunny from my hand and tossed it across the room. “I want to feel you inside me not that stupid rabbit” she shouted. Needless to say what happened next but we really thought we were close to having her squirt this time, until she climaxed while we were standing up against the wall in the bath and sent me flying backwards where i smacked my head on the edge of the bath and was almost out cold I am sitting here in a little bit of pain still laughing about the whole thing. Not quite what I had expected but still a learning experience none the less and poor old mister rabbit is still lying unconscious in the corner of the bathroom


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