Many women expel fluid from their vaginas as a result of G-spot stimulation. This is commonly referred to as "female ejaculation," and is perfectly normal, despite the fear many women harbor that female ejaculate is urine, which it is not. Female ejaculate comes out of the Skene's glands and is similar to the prostatic fluid in men. The amount expelled during female ejaculation is usually no more than a teaspoon or two.

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1. Curved fingers or toys with a bend near the tip are the best shape to stimulate the G-Spot (curve two fingers and insert them into your vagina, moving them in a "come hither" way).
2. Apply firm direct pressure using your toy or fingers.
3. Squeeze your PC muscles and breathe deeply during thrusting.
4. Empty your bladder before sex, so you’re not worried that the female ejaculate is actually pee.
5. Add clitoral stimulation if you like the extra push into orgasm.
6. Objects in the vagina may inhibit female ejaculation. Withdraw the penis, dildo or fingers quickly as you are about to come.

No more public libraries for me..

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squirt-jackie-danielsSorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I gave up on trying to update the site while i was away on business after i was caught trying to post a squirting gallery at the local library by a very unhappy librarian. She tapped me on the shoulder when I was half way through my latest post and said with a very pissed of look on her face “you had better leave right away sir”. Not only did I have to leave at once but I have been banned from entering the library ever again Which is a shame as it is the only place you can get online in the whole stinking town but if all goes well I won’t have to go back to that cold, porn-free hell hole again anyway. I just don’t understand it though. I was really careful to make sure there were only adults in the library before I started doing my work and most of them were to busy reading books to have noticed what I was doing anyway. Maybe I should have offered the librarian some advice on squirting? I’m sure she was just jealous of the fact that there are some woman around that can squirt for miles and she is not one of them. Oh well, now that I am home again, it’s time to get Jordan to squirt Let the fun begin

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