Many women expel fluid from their vaginas as a result of G-spot stimulation. This is commonly referred to as "female ejaculation," and is perfectly normal, despite the fear many women harbor that female ejaculate is urine, which it is not. Female ejaculate comes out of the Skene's glands and is similar to the prostatic fluid in men. The amount expelled during female ejaculation is usually no more than a teaspoon or two.

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1. Curved fingers or toys with a bend near the tip are the best shape to stimulate the G-Spot (curve two fingers and insert them into your vagina, moving them in a "come hither" way).
2. Apply firm direct pressure using your toy or fingers.
3. Squeeze your PC muscles and breathe deeply during thrusting.
4. Empty your bladder before sex, so you’re not worried that the female ejaculate is actually pee.
5. Add clitoral stimulation if you like the extra push into orgasm.
6. Objects in the vagina may inhibit female ejaculation. Withdraw the penis, dildo or fingers quickly as you are about to come.

Fun In The Tub

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Last night after dinner Jordan and I rushed off to the bathroom with the water bunny. Now people had always had me a little paranoid with stories about girlfriends owning sex toys and them choosing the toy over the real thing and all of that type of stuff. So I admit I was slightly worried about the outcome this Superman of vibrators might have. But I jumped in the bath with Jordan and the rubber rabbit anyway. Our bath is extra large so there is plenty of room for me to be straddled by my lovely lady, which she was kind enough to do on this occasion. We were kissing and she was rubbing her lower body back and forth along my thighs when she reached over to the bunny and then handed it to me. “Make me squirt” she whispered in my ear. I smiled confidently and switched the bunny on to a nice vibrating speed. She sat up on the edge of the bath in front of me with her legs over my shoulders while i worked that toy like I was some kind of vibrator technician. She was moaning and writhering in ways similar to the climaxes she has while we are having sex, when she suddenly grabbed the bunny from my hand and tossed it across the room. “I want to feel you inside me not that stupid rabbit” she shouted. Needless to say what happened next but we really thought we were close to having her squirt this time, until she climaxed while we were standing up against the wall in the bath and sent me flying backwards where i smacked my head on the edge of the bath and was almost out cold I am sitting here in a little bit of pain still laughing about the whole thing. Not quite what I had expected but still a learning experience none the less and poor old mister rabbit is still lying unconscious in the corner of the bathroom


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