Last Night…

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I have just realised that I haven’t been very personal on this site so far, so I promise you that is all about to change :)

So anyway, last night i told my girlfriend about this site and within seconds she had jumped onto her computer and had checked out the whole thing from top to bottom. And she loved it. A bit too much. Now she cant get the idea out of her head that she will be able  to learn to squirt her own sweet loads of juice all over the place.

Now dont get me wrong here. Like any normal male I would love to see my girl spraying huge wads of female cum all over our bedroom. The problem is i just don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull this whole squirting thing off or not. It sounds easy enough in theory, but I have never actually made a girl squirt. Actually, I have never even tried to make a girl squirt.

So I guess we will find out tonight when she gets home from work, whether or not I am cut out for this whole squirting fiasco.  I will keep you all posted, so wish me luck….

I just had to put some more pictures of Cytherea up for you all today.  If anyone is going to be able to give me a confidence boost for what I am about to try tonight, it will be this girl.

Check her out here squirting in every possible direction. She lays on her back while this guy fingers her like crazy until she squirts all over the bed and even hits the camera lens.  She sucks his cock like a pro for a while. All wet and sloppy like ;)   She then gets on her side while this guy fucks her hard, until she squirts a big load off to the left of the screen.  The dude bends her over the bed and fingers her like crazy again.  Cytherea jumps up on his cock and rides him reverse cowboy style and then shoots off another huge spray of squirt. 

But I particularly love the last few images here. Where the guy lifts her right up into the air, and Cytherea is pulling the dude right into her juicy cunt while she is blasting his face and neck with her powerful squirt.  It’s fucking brilliant.

I bet this guy wasn’t thirsty for hours ;)  

Cytherea and four friends

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Cytherea is better known as ‘Squirt Woman’ for obvious reasons. To put it it simply, she is a squirting goddess.

So clearly she doesn’t need any lessons when it comes to the art of female ejaculation, so why is she featured in this Squirting 101 gallery? To give these other three girls some moral support of course. Who knows, maybe she is even hoping to brush up on her skills with the help of Axel.

In a sucessful bid to o help boost the three girls confidence, Cytherea gets comfy on a table with her dildo. After working her pussy for a while, she lets go with a complete gusher that soaks Axel and his camera, and I’m guessing the wall across the room as well.

Needless to say, Amber Simpson, Ariana Jollee and Teagan are all squirting within minutes of this impressive performance.

Cythera later admits that she did learn a few tricks from Axel in this scene, so I guess you can never know too much when it comes to female ejaculation.


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